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Q: Do you allow dogs or other pets?

    A. NO- we are sorry, we absolutely love dogs, but we do not allow dogs or other pets at the cidery at any time. This includes the outside grass area, parking lot, driveway, orchards and etc. 

Q: Are your ciders gluten free?

    A. YES- all of our ciders at 100% gluten free!  

Q: Do you have to be 21 years old to come to the cidery?

    A. NO- just like a restaurant that serves alcohol, individuals do not have to be 21 years old to visit. However, following all Pennsylvania Liquor Laws, individuals under the age of 21 may not be at a table or with others consuming alcohol unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 25. Individuals 35 years old and under will be asked to show proof of legal age. Expired and other non-compliant forms of ID will not be accepted. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. Violators will incur maximum legal penalties and accept all legal and financial liability

Q: Are you kid friendly?

    A. YES- we love seeing families join us! Since we are located on a active farm serving alcoholic cider, we do ask that all children be accompanied (within arms reach) by a parent or adult at all times. Children damaging property (i.e. apple trees, tables, signage, etc.) or not following posted signs will be asked to leave. 

Q: Do you have food available at the cidery?

    A. YES- we have a rotating schedule of local food trucks! Check out our Facebook, Instagram, or website for more information!

Q: Do you allow customers to bring games (i.e. corn hole) or children's toys (balls, scooters, etc.)? 

    A. No- we do not allow customers to bring outside games, toys or balls of any kind to the cidery.    

Q: Do you fill growlers from other breweries or cideries?

    A. YES- we will clean and fill any growler of your choice!

Q: Can I get my growler filled and drink it on-site at the cidery?

    A. No- cannot be opened and consumed at the cidery. They are strictly a "to-go" item and meant to be consumed offsite. However, we offer cider by the glass, flight and 750 mL bottle for consumption onsite!

Q: Do you allow smoking or vaping?

    A. YES- only in the designated smoking area. Smoking inside buildings, on the patio area, at tables, anywhere near food or around other guest is strictly prohibited.

Q: Where else can I purchase your cider?

    A. Our ciders are on tap at other bars and restaurants in the area and can be found by visiting our “where to find us” page!

Q: Do you allow customers to bring outside food to the cidery?

    A. NO- we have a rotating schedule of local food trucks (support local!) that provide food when we are open to the public. Individuals with food allergies are allowed to bring small snacks to eat while consuming alcohol. 

Q: Do you allow outside alcohol or other drinks?

    A. NO- ALL outside alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited and are not allowed on the property. Coolers are not allowed. 

Q: What happens if I leave and forget to close my bar/table tab? 

    A. If a customer forgets to close their tab, no problem, it will be automatically closed at the end of the night and a 20% gratuity will be applied.  

Q: Do you sell apples or allow customers to pick their own? 

    A. Not currently. We use all of our apples for cider production. 

Q: Are customers allowed to reserve tables ahead of time?

    A. No, at this time, we do not take reservations and all tables and seating are on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Q: Do you allow photographers to have photo shoots on the farm or in the orchards?

    A. By appointment and reservation ONLY. Unless marked, the farm area and orchards are "employee only" areas and are strictly off limits to customers. 


More questions? Feel free to contact us via email ( or by messaging us on Facebook!

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